Artist Statement

A large portion of my practice culls from familiar language; a turn of phrase, song lyric, punctuation mark, typography, or element of syntax. These become materials from which I explore the problems and possibilities of language, its formal and semantic qualities and malleable meanings.

Some of my projects have responded to specific sites and situations, momentarily mistaken for official public signage in the form of a banner toting plane, neon, adhesive vinyl lettering and billboards.

I research words and and play with materials exploring the representational and referential aspects of language in humorous and playful ways. This culminates in sculpture, editions, video, audio, photography and performative gestures that explore the formal and connotative aspects of words as readymades.

I am interested in the legacy of Conceptual art practices, their collaborative and performative spirit, use of language as a medium, and endeavor to integrate art and life.

Represented by MKG127